Animangaki 2014 Day2

Day2 update!

Since Ezalen wasn’t comin, so it was only me and Shikio for Day2. Opened up live commission again, Thanks to everyone who dropped by to buy our stuff and commissioned me and Layna. o/

Anyway, since like usual I stuck doing commissions most of the time, barely had any chance to walk around and buy stuff, though anyway what I wanted to buy sold out on Day1 already so… //ming

BUT! I still got myself a Makoto badge /o/ and that Comic artist badge.image

Thank you Amipiai for the cute drawing of Remi. Well, the only one I commissioned;;;;;

Was hungry like hell, didn’t have lunch until the end of event, so it was Dinner instead of lunch /o/ and Shikio was sleepy coz not enough sleep. ///pets pets there there, Manager-chan

There’s an Iwatobi jersey selling… but kinda… expensive for me, and it was the last piece too, and XXL.;;;;;;;; Really not my luck. It’s okay, at least I saved myself a hundred bucks.

Some of commissions I did for Day2, (some I forgot to take pictures;; )

This was the last commission I did for the day!


Someone commissioned me to draw K-Pop idols….. tho I have no idea who these two are, sorry. hahaaha xD


From Hakuoki o/


An Original Character commission.


Sketchbook commission; Sanji. I felt like I didn’t do much justice….. (was thinking of adding more details on the bground;;;) because the commissioner was standing in front of the booth waiting for it. ///stressednoh—cannotconcentrate;;;;;;;;;

So, I guess that sums it up. Nothing much to tell except bothering Fenrixion. who was sketching. |Dc

P/S: I missed all the good cosplayers again;;;; but got to see Monster University’s cosplayers. Mike and Sulley. They’re so cute /o/


Animangaki 2014 Day1


First day of con done! Got some commissions too, so like usual, stuck at the booth and by the time I went back from late lunch, it’s almost 5pm and people starts packing stuffs already.;;;;;;;;

Nothing bought. Why Makoto always sold out——— o)-<  //craycray
Needa check early tomorrow.

Some of commissions done! Thank you!

They were fun to draw, the outfit were nice too.


Sketchbook commission; Oikawa from Haikyuu. It was referenced from a fanart print bought from the booth directly opposite to mine. 

That’s all for Day1.

WeW Animangaki 2014

o)-< Laptop died, nothing to do during holidays, no net, no place to draw during holidays, phone died, left charger at Uni. No motivations.





//I just watched Tokyo Ghoul….and catching up on Free! n Haikyuu— so I guess it’s something then. <w>;;;

And this weekend be Animangaki—- so seeya at the Con, anyone who gonna go there. I probably flop dead at the booth. w3w3w3w3w